Avoid this bank unless you want bare bones service
1.3[ Convenience (locations, hours) 2.00 | Service (friendly, helpful) 1.50 | Value (reasonable fees, good rates) 1.00 | Online Banking 1.00 | Mobile App 1.00 ]

This bank has few services. The bank hours are fewer than most banks. I opened an account when Wells Fargo closed in our state. They were supposed to add $200 after 3 months into our account. They never did. I made several inquiries, but they never responded. I finally gave up and moved on. The online portal has many problems including being available. Sometimes bill pays get lost so you have to check later to ensure the payment did go through. Too much of a pain to be worth most peoples time.

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Good bank, but not perfect
3.8[ Convenience (locations, hours) 4.50 | Service (friendly, helpful) 4.00 | Value (reasonable fees, good rates) 4.00 | Online Banking 3.50 | Mobile App 3.00 ]

PNC has been a good bank for the last several years. Their online bill pay works fine, and apart from the occasional maintenance on the weekend I have been able get to my accounts online without too much trouble.

Virtual Wallet isn’t as impressive as the advertising leads you to believe though. It’s too much of a hassle to use the multiple accounts and many of the pages are confusing. I “downgraded” to a regular checking account after a while because it started too annoy me, and am much happier.

The mobile app works decently well, and offers mobile deposit which I like. That said, it’s sort of slow and not very well designed. It gets the job done though.

One thing that I really do like about PNC are their ATMs. The one near my house can count bills, total checks, print deposit receipts with images of your scanned checks, and offers $1 withdraw increments. I have to say, this is the best thing about PNC that I have found. Very convenient.

I would recommend PNC overall.

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