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  1. Can’t believe the incompetence…

    B of A blocked my debit card for fraud “protection”. When I called them, they told me they cleared up the problem. Went back to the ATM and I got a little slip that said my account debit card was locked for my “protection”. I called them again, and spoke with a supervisor who assured me that this time my “card has been completely reset”. Went back to the ATM and again got a little slip indicating my card had been locked for fraud “protection”. Called back again and asked for a supervisor. When the supervisor answer I asked for his supervisor. This individual was very apologetic and after 15 minutes of doing something or another assured me that the lock on my account had escallated, and that she definitely cleared it up. Sure enough when I went back to the ATM machine for the 6th time, I still could not access my money! And my entire morning wasted as well.

    With fraud “protection” like this who needs theives! I’ve never dealt with such an incompetent Bank. Bank of America clearly doesn’t know what they’re doing with regard to fraud protection. Will never do business with them again.

  2. Us bank is the worst, you must have a minimum in your checking and your savings accounts or they assess a fine monthly, their online banking always has glitches and the service stinks. They have paid a biller twice for the last three months.

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