Convenient and friendly
3.8[ Convenience (locations, hours) 5.00 | Service (friendly, helpful) 3.50 | Value (reasonable fees, good rates) 2.50 | Online Banking 4.00 ]
  • Karen Faran reviewed 9 years ago
  • last edited 9 years ago

Our family has had accounts with KeyBank for over 20 years. There are a lot of locations near by and so it’s very convenient for us. We also found branches where my daughter attends college so we won’t have to set up a separate account for her when she goes to school.

The tellers have always been friendly to us and even recommended that we put some of the kids’ savings into higher interest-earning accounts when their balances reached the minimum balance for the CD’s.

Online banking works really well with KeyBank also. It’s nice to be able to look at all of our accounts at one time. I appreciate how easy it is to transfer funds from one account to another.

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Good college accounts and website, terrible app
3.1[ Convenience (locations, hours) 3.00 | Service (friendly, helpful) 3.00 | Value (reasonable fees, good rates) 2.50 | Online Banking 4.50 | Mobile App 2.50 ]

I got KeyBank during high school and used it as a joint account with my parents during my first few years of school. Their website is aesthetic and easy to use and has simple budgeting and finance-tracking tools which I loved. However, at the time I ended up closing my accounts (May 2014) their mobile app was useless and I didn’t love having to trek all the way to my local bank to deposit checks.

The thing which annoyed me most about KeyBank was that they kept offering me credit cards based on my checking account history, and every time I applied they would reject me. It was insane because they were my bank and knew! It made it difficult to get financially independent by building good credit, and eventually after Wells Fargo offered me better options, I took them and left. Sorry Key!


– Good tracking and budgeting tools

– Nice-looking and intuitive website


– Obnoxious and relentless credit card offers coupled with numerous rejections

– App wasn’t able to deposit checks

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