4 Banks Credit and Debit Card Problems on Friday

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Last Friday, December 4, 2015, three big banks, and one smaller one, suffered technical glitches that caused credit and debit card problems.

SunTrust had issues that affected some debit and credit card transactions.

PNC bank had issues with some debit and credit card transactions plus access to online and mobile banking.

Wells Fargo had issues with some customers unable to use their credit cards or access their online accounts.

USAA, who provides financial services to military members and their family, also had issues with some credit card transactions not going through.

All said the issues were resolved later in the day on Friday.

PNC said their problem came from a service vendor technical issue, while SunTrust said it was a technical issue with their card transaction provider. Wells Fargo said a technical issue caused their problem, while USAA said they had problems with a third-party processor.

PNC, SunTrust and USAA all gave continuous updates and apologies to their customers on their Facebook pages. I could not find any information on Wells Fargo Facebook page. They may have had updates there and deleted it after the issue was resolved.

The question is–if there are bank technical issues when you are shopping and your debit or credit card gets declined, what is your back-up plan? Do you carry cash, could you write a check, or have other debit or credit cards you could use? Be prepared for the unexpected.

Source: CNN Money

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