The Scoop: Credit Card Fraud

In the past three years we have needed to get 4 new credit cards and one new debit card because of fraud on the cards. Two of the credit cards were from the same credit card company, but two years apart. The credit card companies caught the fraud on the credit cards, but I caught the fraud on the debit card.

How did I catch it? I go online and look at my bank transactions every couple of days and if I don’t recognize any I ask my husband if he knows anything about them. In this case it showed a couple of pending small transactions that were done in the state of Washington (far away from where I lived), both for less than $2, and then a larger one in the $30’s at a dental office, of all places. I immediately contacted my bank, the charges were disputed, and a new card with a new number was issued. The theory was that the small amounts were testing the waters to see if the card number was valid and thinking that because they were so small they wouldn’t put up any red flags on the account. Luckily it was caught before they used it for big amounts and wiped out our bank balance.

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