Credit Card Fees Survey: Only 1 has NO fees

What credit card fees do you pay? When looking for a credit card, it’s not just the interest that can add up. Consumers need to pay close attention to the fees that can be tacked on as well. surveyed a representative sample of the 100 of the most widely held general purpose credit cards to find out what fees they had. They then came up with a list of those with the most and fewest fees.

“More than anything, this survey proves just how important it is for people to shop around for cards,” says Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst for, “because the difference between a card with no fees and a card with nine fees, or 12 fees, is a significant one.”

USA Today wrote an article about the credit card fee survey done by It’s a little easier to read than the data from, plus has advice for wise credit card use. So click here for the article from USA Today and here for the article direct from

Here is the list of credit cards with the most and least fees:

Cards with the most potential fees:

First Premier Bank Credit Card (12)

First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard (12)

Credit One Visa Platinum (9)

Fifth Third Bank Platinum MasterCard (9)

Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum (9)

Navy Federal Credit Union Cash Rewards (9)

Regions Visa Platinum Rewards (9)

Cards with the fewest potential fees:

PenFed Promise Visa Card (0)

ExxonMobil SmartCard from Citi (3)

Spark Classic from Capital One (3)

Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business (3)

Spark Miles Select by Capital One (3)

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