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We posted an article two weeks ago about Black Friday, but this is one that came out today from that has some great tips about 7 Black Friday Gotchas to watch out for.

  1. Waiting Until Black Friday. Black Friday is creeping into earlier and earlier in the week. Some companies now offer Black Friday deals all week long, or even all November long. So the gift you want may already be on sale and won’t be cheaper on Black Friday.
  2. Limited Supply. This is also known as a Loss Leader. It’s a smokin’ deal, but they only have a few of them available. Most consumers lose out on Limited Supply items, so it’s not always worth the risk to attempt to be among the first in line to get it.
  3. Buying Things You Don’t Want. I’ve heard it said, “It’s such a good deal I can’t afford not to buy it!” But if you don’t need it, or want it, and will likely never us it, then it IS a waste of money no matter how good of a deal it is.
  4. Panic Buying. You get up early, deal with the rush of people, only to find out the store is out of the item you expected to buy. So you walk around feeling that you have to buy something. After all, everyone else is buying something and you put all this time and effort into braving the crush of people…but don’t do it. Don’t buy something, anything, in a panic. It’s okay to walk away empty handed.
  5. Cheaper Last Week? Or Next Week? That item you bought today may be cheaper next week. So what? Your peace of mind that it’s purchased and crossed off your list is worth some value. If you’ve done your research then you know the real retail price (stores often try to make you think retail price on a sale item is higher than it really is) and what a good sale price is. Buy it and forget about it. Don’t beat yourself up if you see it cheaper later. It’s okay. Really. As long as you felt it was a good deal when you bought it, you’re good to go.
  6. The Rebate Game. That amazing sale price may not be the price you actually pay for it. It might be the price after a rebate. So make sure you are aware you will pay a higher price up front, need to fill out rebate paperwork, and are willing to fill out that paperwork immediately and then wait weeks to get money back.
  7. Happy Returns? Get gift receipts. And make sure it’s not a “all sales final” item that can’t be returned.

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